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  Welcome to Free Classifieds

      We hope you find our site useful and tell your friends how easy and fast it is to post or browse our free classifieds.

      Its very simple to use our site!


   To Post Ads: 

       You must register a free account and login, it only takes a few seconds.

      This helps protect against spam

        Click the "POST" button above to register right now!

  Then click on your username, which opens a dropdown

   Next click on "POST an Ad" 

  Enter all your details, title and description.

   We recommend adding a location on the map, this places a fast, easy, free classified ads in the location that you choose.

Ads placed without a map location will not display on the map.


    Then click the button at the bottom and add images if you like.


To Browse Ads:

    When a visitor lands on our home page, our software detects their ip address and displays a map of their general local area.

Any classified ads posted in that local area will be shown on the map as a clickable fast, easy, free classified ads or Featured Classified Ad for "Featured Ads" (available when posting)


    When clicked on, a preview of the ad will pop up,  then you can click on "More Info"  or  "Direct Link" to read all the details and/or send a message to the poster.

     Use the "Search Feature" by entering your search term in the side bar search tab, or use the "Latest Ads" button in lower right of map screen.

      You can save ads to your "Favorites" simply by clicking on "Like Listing" when visitng the ad page.

Zoom in /out or drag map to see more ads in any area you choose.

classifieds map









          Fast-Easy-Free Local Classifieds.

Currently all ads run for 20 days and we do not send email when ad is expiring, so dont forget to come back and post again often


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